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Mali is a country filled with industrious, innovative, and generous individuals who work against extreme poverty and hunger as farmers, scientists, social activists, and policy makers. In service and deference to these individuals, African Sky manages four project programs: education, community health, food security, and community arts. Our project philosophy is based on the belief that humanity's physical, ecological, and spiritual well-being is rooted in universal compassion and sustainable living.

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Ohio high school students create opportunities for education in Mali

For the past four years, Stow-Munroe Falls High School teachers Lisa Mowls and Carrie Harris of Stow, Ohio, have led the initiative to encourage their students to raise funds for building a secondary school in the Sikasso region near Bougouni, Mali. Inspired by Scott Lacy, an alum of Stow-Munroe Falls High School and the founder of African Sky, Mowls and Harris introduced African Sky's program which focuses on facilitating cultural exchange and creating educational opportunities to their International Business and Marketing Program students. Beyond raising funds, Mowls hopes that it engenders a sense of cultural awareness and encourages a desire for global connections within her students in order to widen their perspectives of the world.
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The elders of Dissan voiced with African Sky a growing concern about losing rural village youth who leave the community to attend school beyond the sixth grade. Through several discussions the elders asked African Sky about building a secondary school to encourage their students to stay home by providing the exciting educational opportunities that come with secondary school curriculum (English and foreign language, arts and music, advanced math and writing, health, and so much more).

As we enter the final construction phase of the Dissan-Kokele middle school, our team is transitioning into our next major construction project, an adult literacy school that will serve adults who never had the chance to attend primary school. Looking toward the future, Africa Sky is primed for a second decade of developing friendships and innovative collaborations between communities in Mali and North America. Our school construction team, the upcoming completion of our third school, and the young students in the new Soumabougou School all demonstrate the success of our pioneering approach to building relationships and schools with Malian communities. Based on that success, as well as the remarkable generosity of the African Sky family, we are entering a new phase of our organization's history—a remarkable phase built with trust and understanding from our long-term relationships with Malian partner communities.

Scott Lacy
African Sky Executive Director