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Mali is a country filled with industrious, innovative, and generous individuals who work against extreme poverty and hunger as farmers, scientists, social activists, and policy makers. In service and deference to these individuals, African Sky manages four project programs: education, community health, food security, and community arts. Our project philosophy is based on the belief that humanity's physical, ecological, and spiritual well-being is rooted in universal compassion and sustainable living.

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African Sky Announces New Strategic Plan

African Sky is a nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers, most of whom served as United States Peace Corps volunteers in Mali. In the summer of 2014, African Sky expanded its all-volunteer base by inviting new board members and program managers. In response to this increased capacity, African Sky decided to create a comprehensive, organizational strategic plan. A task force convened in the fall of 2014 and began the process of collecting data and input from the African Sky community, both in the United States and Mali.

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